Hey Mister Tally Man, Tally Me GELATI

4 Oct

I would be lying if I didn’t say that it was a relief to be on the last leg of gelato after 2 weeks.  My extra pudgy muffin top is solid proof!  I’m actually not a big fan of sweets (cheese and wine much better), but I was propelled to do my own share of gelato tasting in my recent trip to its motherland.  What I’ve come away with is that what’s awesomely fabulous to one person might be simply okay to another, and that as long as you are open to trying new and non-mainstream flavours and go straight to Venchi Gelato, there is no way you could possibly go wrong.

I highly recommend trying the Frutti Di Bosco (Yogurt style).  It’s important that you try the yogurt style as the regular gelato type is not the best medium for the berries.  Frutti di bosco (FROO-tee dee BOHS-koh) – These aren’t fruits belonging to some guy named Bosco, this means “fruits of the forest,” generally things like blueberries and blackberries.  My other fave is Cocco –which is Coconut and not chocolate.  Cocco gelato is heaven in a cup.  Or a cone –whichever you prefer.


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