The Daily Catch

6 Feb

You’ve just got to love this place—for the noise, the frenetic open kitchen, the complete absence of pretense, its shockingly shoulder-crowdingly small dining quarters and, above all, the food. Its very casual, somewhat divey approach is all part of its charm –from the weathered tables and chairs, to the single chalkboard menu and the use of paper placemats.    

The Daily Catch is a local staple for more than 30 years, who specializes in calamari dishes, black-squid-ink pastas, and linguine with clam sauce. There’s something about a big skillet of linguine and calamari that would seem less perfect if served on fine white china.

May I recommend the Tinta de Calamari -which is Homemade Black Pasta ($10.50/appetizer, $21/ entree).  It is effing fantastic.  Here are action shots of me impatiently digging into my ink pasta and burning my mouth in the process:

www.dailycatch .com at 323 Hanover St., North End, Boston, MA ****


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