Up The Spout

6 Feb

And yes, there is a reason why I haven’t been blogging since November, but I don’t think I will have any trouble convincing you that it’s a very good one. 

I’ve been quite busy eating strange yet amazingly delicious food concoctions.  Last week, it was grilled paninis with apple, Serrano ham and sharp old cheddar.  Then there was the toasted dense pumpernickel with liver pâté with sliced butter pickles and mustard.  And how can I forget the roast chicken with sliced persimmons and a side of watermelon.

Well.  Let me introduce you to the reason that I haven’t blogged since November.  Here he/she is:

I was bursting at the seams (almost literally), wanting to announce it to the world, but I couldn’t until all was well and I was well-passed the first trimester.  My inblogitude was also due to the phenomenal, crippling, chemical hormonal tiredness that comes with the first trimester of pregnancy and has meant that I have had NO time of my own. It seems I’ve been sleeping/wanting to sleep/on the way to sleeping/half-asleep for 15 weeks. 

Now that I’m 4 1/2 months along and beginning to feel human again, I am now able to reveal the ‘secret’ here as well.  It’s been not-so-glamorous, to say the least and with the new food aversions, I am counting down to when this ‘miracle’ appears, bundled in my arms.  P and I couldn’t be happier.  Sometimes I have to stop and wonder How did I get here?  And then I look down at my belly and across to P and know that I must be the luckiest woman on this planet.

So there you have it. I expect to be a fully functioning blogger again very soon, and might even manage to write about something other than strange pregnancy cravings and food aversions.  But I promise you (even to the 3 subscribers who dropped off from my readership), that this will never turn into an emo mom-to-be blog.  Ever.

Food Cravings: ALL fruits and everything fruit related. Sweet and salty combinations (prosciutto and melon or apples with cheese, etc.), fruit and yogurt smoothies, and a good chunk of STEAK. 

Food and Other Aversions: Carrots –cannot stand the site/smell of them cooked or raw, and can smell them from a mile away. Other: I can smell it if your feet stink.  My advice: go and invest on some good leather shoes for better ventilation and while you’re at it, don’t let me catch you with carrots or we’ll have a big problem.

While you might think it strange –even gross…I thought it was one of the finest meals I’ve ever had: Mung Bean soup, watermelon, (hastily unwrapped) liver pate, pickles with (an over toasted) rye bread. 



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