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Where There is Smoke, There is Meat – Caplansky’s Deli

21 Mar, Caplansky’s Deli, 356 College St. 416-500-3852 ***

 We ordered the most common combo (smoked meat sandwich, coleslaw, and fries with a pickle on the side), an excellent value for two for only $25 plus tax.  P is very picky with his smoked meat (especially because he is a big fan of Carnegie Deli in NY and Schwartz’s in Montreal), but he gave Caplansky’s a two-thumbs’ up. 

The coleslaw was ok.  It’s better than the usual mayo-drenched or the neon green slaw you usually get at the food court, the fries were a generous helping and done to perfection, and the mustard selection will cater to any need (see picture to right), very friendly staff, quick service and very casual atmosphere. If you like smoked meat, you will enjoy eating here. I recommend trying this place for lunch not dinner.